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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

'Tak Nak Forward'

Dear readers, this special edition of GodSpear.blogspot.com is kindly brought to you all out there about certain facts in life.
We all know that the e-mail has been very popular among youths these days and adding to that fact some of us even have atleast 2 to 3 accounts like yahoo lah, gmail lah, and the most popular one hotmail. I'd say they are so the Kia Su and Kia Si but I'd rather not cause I am among the ranks... LOL.

Anyway we see a plauge or what I would call it "suku trend" being forwarded into our mail boxes every single day. Among the all time famous ones are the
#1: "Get rich fast by fording this mail"
- This is a category of forwarded mails we see usually where it asks us to forward the email and would recieve a cheque from wealthy people like Bill Gate lah and all that shit; with an added effect of attachment of testimonials. Get rich by forwarding emails, like COME ON LAH; WOI WAKE UP!!! We live in an information age lah, you think Bill Gates will give you free money just to forward the email to keep hotmail or anything more popular kah... No wonder I see people kena scam online in the papers all the time... I'm not saying that those who do are stupid but the fact is that the exact same "suku trend" comes in over and over and over and over and over again ... didn't the time lenght of when you didn't recieve that juicy cheque hit you by now? OBVIOUS LAH.

#2: "Toy with guilt so my baby won't die mail."

- Ah this is one of those forwarded emails I really really loath. Here's a perfect example.

waliew so if I don't forward this mail I am a heartless bastard lah? Bwah, yeah right.

For starters it would be insane for any of the sponsors to trace how far and how many times the email has been forwarded. If its all for charity, this is the best way kah? I know most of us all won't buy directly into and thinking "just foward niah lah, no harm done" but imagining a few hundred of those listed in your contacts doing it once a week; wei emails are made for better use that forwarding endless sympathy chain mails lah. I give you 20 cents sit down at the corner lah heh.

#3: "The bad stuff will strike if not forwarded email."

- Puhhhlease, what a joke this is; as not being irritating enough, I've seen this classical chain mail cycling through my contacts more times than I could possibly remember. The fact that I am alive today writting this post already gives you a clear cut that it is not real, like doh. Heh well its been fun discussing. Hit me back on this people (if there is any heh).

Well its been fun posting, as a conclusion, I here at godspear.blogspot.com single handedly and officially am launching the "Tak Nak Forward" campaign so the next time all yous people see the above three "suku trends" kindly forward it to your trash can. AMen bruddah~

Monday, April 03, 2006

Beer Commercials.

Cheap Talk:
Once upon in a time in a land far far away ... three little friends were on a joyful car ride when ...

Oscar: Yo~
M.V: Hey guess what? I did my nails.
Oscar/Ian: The hell man how to guess? You answered your own question. =_=
M.V: ...
Oscar/Ian: ...

*Smart converstaion eh?... and oh yes the three little friends continued their journey after that... the end.*

Short post my viewers, just to fill in the slots... tamade exams,quizes and assignment. Due dates do not go fitting into one freaking week for the last time! Fuck U to those responsible... jk heh.

Today my dear viewes I will be talking about beer commercials. But first we need to start off with the basics.What is beer? Why do we need beer? What does it do? What is it's purpose?

Sadly one mug of these would knock me out already. Yes ladies a very big tip :D

a general name for alcoholic beverages made by fermenting a cereal (or mixture of cereals) flavored with hops

Beer is a form of alcohol which most adults/teens consume due to social obligations or during happy hours. So it tastes bad, expensive and so far I've seen no logical explanation why people drink can from can, night after night. Why do people do so? Is it because of the commercials where they make actors drinking from a can so manly.

*Beer commercial Take 1*

You just killed a small animal! Its time to have a beer! Yeah~

How bout putting beer commercials in a more realistic context for once no?

*Beer Commercial Take 2*

It's 4 a.m in the borning and you're pissing inside your closet its TIGER time!

Think about it huh, well coming up next week I bring you the three purpose of alcohol. Till then good day my fcukers ~ Amen.

P.S: Keep the comments coming in as well thanks.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

About Me

Cheap Talk:

Oscar: Yo...wat up dawg~
Terence: I cut off my the abnormal growth behind my back recently.
Oscar: What?!?! Why did you take off the adorable neng neng behind your head!?!
Terence: Its abnormal wat.
Oscar: No lah it was SEXY, I had fun nudging it back when I sat behind you.... made me high during classes wat... can pass time... ah the good old days.
Terence: Chee Bye~

*WARNING* - The following post is of its lowest quality due to the unforseen circumstances experienced by the author. Apologies.

Previously I talked about the colourful people I've seen in life and which category they fall into, this week,just to be fair I will be talking about what category I fall onto. Before proceeding into detail, I do wish to advice those reading that this will contain alot of bias statements as well as lies as tall as the sky.

The type that has nothing much to do ... yet. The Kueh Tao Eng Group(K.T.E.)

Who am I? I am your casual friend that is willing to try anything new not to say do crazy things once in a while... really crazy shit. Right now I am a first year engineering student chasing sometime away on blogspot, am I good at it they say? Hell no... Anyway back to the point, heres a few discription on the author of this site. I enjoy :

- Writing .
- A bit of sports.
- Pranks (like who doesn't)
- Meeting new people.
- Singing ( in the shower shhh... )
-Movies of course; helps with the reflecting stuff.
- Solving problems, too bad I am not good at it... yet.
But hey if any of yous ever need a point of view; You'll know where to start.

Ok the moment we've all been waiting for. How exactly do I portrait like in life? You'd be amazed...


Hey, how YOU doin'...

Yeah right...

There we have it! A vain tribute to ... myself

Well I am low on the jokes this week so I'll cut it now before I do more colateral damage. Do join me next week at the same time, same URL, same place. Cheers.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Savvy people I know.

Cheap Talk:

Oscar: Man I am bored, any suggestions?

Tiing: Read Bleach! Its good for health!
Oscar: So nice kah Bleach?
Tiing: Yes bleach is GOOD...
Oscar: Psycho Bleach (Psycho Bitch)
Tiing: Fag, YOU make gay people look bad. Gay people are good, its you i am against.
Oscar: Take a number... =.=!


The following content is for entertainment purposes alone. Please take no seriousness in any sense that it could be true. Enjoy.

With university life setting in again, responsibilities are to be carried once again. Here are some of the terms I would like to add in for those who are still studying as well.

1.The everyday student that sleeps in class - The Bo Tak Chek group (B.T.C)
~Translation: Students who do not study.~

Who are they you say? Neh they are the ones that usually gets the spanking and scoldings during classes which eventually skips classes once in a while. Also they most probably share the same feautres like :

-Goes to class with nothing in hand.
- Long hair.
-Smokey and alchoholic smell all the time.
- Wears sun glasses (sleeping undercover).
-All the bad things modern society cannot accept lah.

The perfect candidate I know in life? Who else but the notorious dude below.

Lim pei will chop your fingers off if u touch my hair

2.The ones that pays attention once in a while but... - The Tak Tam Pok Chek group ( T.T.P.C) ~Translation: Students who study just to survive~

The most common students you can find around, they do not study all the time but just enough to have survive the semester. They occasionally do nothing at all but sit that fat lardy a$$ (Tan 2006) off all day long. Features you say? Below are the following:

-Goes to class with just a pencil case and a paper at most.
-Potential couch potato.
-Has multiple e-mail addresses ( e.g kiasu@hotmail.com, kia_su@yahoo.com, kiasu87@gmail.com ...)
-Active online gamer.
-Minds his/her own business.

Who fits the above mentioned features most?

Sell zeny wan deal me or not? RM10 for 20 mil...

3. The ones who study day in day out but denies it all. - Th
e KIASU + " I no the study last night" group.

Students in this group are around, BEWARE of them; though the numbers are few but statistics have shown a scary growth over the years... besides it only takes one to ruin your day. I am not saying that they are the lowest of human beings you can find in an university (trust me there are lower ones) but do you really really need to lie about whethere you study or not last night? Like comon lah... grow up man.

How to spot these people around ? Easy! They ussualy tend to:

-Get a high rankings and say "I did not flip a single page at all."
-Back-stabs you with false dead lines.
-Treat their study notes like WW2 encrypted codes.
-Thinks people who drink or clubs will eventually end up in hell.
-Narrow minded.

-Make you swear "Chee-bye" everytime you try to be nice to them.
-Possible corporate byatches and bastards in the near future.

How do they look like?

Exactly, they stink like a fresh pile of horse poo

Well I guess people can choose who they want to be in life. Choices are yours to take , I am definately not the best person around as well but one thing I can strongly advice is that... If you wish to be treated in a good manner, you must first give in order to take. Simple as that, be an ass and you will be treated like one; I am sure we've all heard this one some where. Well thats a wrap folks.

P.S: The two people in the pictures above are ONLY actors - note that they are among the finest people I know around.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Where is the God damn eject button!?!?!

Cheap Talk:

Oscar: So how do you feel after being featured on my cheap talk?
Ian: Haha good good...
Oscar: Eh give rating eh.
Ian: A full 10/10.
Oscar: Got so good or not??
Ian: Of course lah! Got me inside sure give full score, Haha.
Oscar: =.=" nabeh... lidat oso can.


Oh God where is the eject button!?!?! Eject eject!! Yeah thats how I felt when I am in in my previous university. Too many flaws being flushed into your face just made me thought, enough is enough. Having my tolerence level blown, I couldn't bear the fact that I am going to entrust my next few years with them. Want to know more? The following are why...

1. The Holizible(horrible) time table:

Ok you may say that I am a pussy if I can't even bear with a little overtime. But hey I know how to tell the difference between a full time student and a part time student. A full time student studies in the day, in which ever contradicts with this would fall into the catergory of a part time student. Paying a full 9k fee for a proclaimed international university standard is not what I had in mind when ...

This obviously showed that the timetable was in favor for part time lecturers

I'd say bringing classes into late 9.30s in the night blew a part of confidence and satisfaction away. So not cool. Next, what made matters worse is when some of the classes are poorly conducted...

2.The Holizible Lecture Expelience (experience):

On my first day in class notes were lacking, lecturers are missing, computers are crashing and students are complaining(me). Ok lah things like that happen all the time lah, can understand but NOT in a fat chance when one of your core subject lecturers turned out to be a "borrowed" lecturer from another local institution. Nabeh... so why bother paying for an international fee when the service returned is local. I'd say its a scam when they fail to bring this matter up upon enrollment. To add all the SOS and the Tom Yam in, the "borrowed" lecturer is working part time... waliew.

Well to show you the momentum of this issue, I have written below an example... but before reading on, lets jolt yourself with an imagination first. Say you are a hard-ass-damn-power-typical-American-all-that-cool-mojo actor like Brad Pitt and if you are a female put yourself in Halle Berry's heels. Say all after all those years of fame and work in the industry you are finally recieving your first ever Oscar Award.

Yes yes cry, scream all you want when you are squeezing the life off an Oscar's balls...

Okay say on that special night, which you have been dreaming for all your life, your Oscar turned out to be like this.

How can right? My ding dongs are way way bigger than that... it's an insult!!

Feel cheated no? Its like having great expectations on something only to have yourself awfully cheated . Anyways lets not dwel furtherl into failure's pass. Lesson learned.
Also I do wish to give credit to a education agent I know so for those who are clueless on what your options are after high school. I recommend you seek...

Francesca Tham Yok Chen
MMS: Market Research Education & Management Services Sdn Bhd.
Block E, No. 32 (2nd & 3rd Floors) Taman Sri Sarawak Mall,
Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, P O Box 2358, 93748,
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: 082 - 246 795 Toll Free No: 1 800 881 622
Website: http://mms.com.my

Amen.Well thats a wrap, gotta go hit the sacks. Drop off comments by the way.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Cheap Talk:

Oscar: Ian, whats the reason you're doing engineering?
Ian: Oh very simple... my grandma.
Oscar: What does she have to do with it?
Ian:Owh cause everytime I remind her I am doing engineering she will say "Wah soon aneh kiang ah, thak engeeenuuuerrr."
Oscar: Works for me...

Translation: *Wah soon aneh kiang ah, thak engeeenuuuerrr* My grandson so power ah, study engineering.

Ancient Chinese folklore #182 - To be credited by someone senior means that it IS a big deal.


Yes semester is starting with all the energy pumped in to start off with new people, new subjects and my underwear. On orientation it started off pretty ok with some basic introductions about the university. On with the rules and regulations for two hours, torture would be an understatement when all the officers that talked were no better than Phua Chu Kang. By the end of the speech even the Chung Hua students next to me were complaining... like come on la we're in a university, such quality of language is very degrading.

Then we had the introduction of clubs on campus which had its peak when the robotics club had their machine up on display. The feck man, all it could do is slam itself repeatedly into the wall... superior artificial intelligence my ass. Alas we came onto the ice breaking session which was the last program of the day. The hell... ice breaking for last, what the feck man. For anyone's information, last time I check ice breaking sessions are to excite or to hype up the environment so that people would be more lively for the rest of any programme.Anyone on go must the show, for the ice breaking session, word puzzle games was on the menu. Creative? Obviously not when all the answers came out to be animals, names of famous people etc. Like comon la, you can always try something that gets attention. Example:

Think you know the answer?

Guess again...

Well thats a wrap... until I get my camera posts have to be delayed... amen Brudda~

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Introduction to Cheap Talk 101

Cheap Talk:

Oscar : Man life is short...
Lee : Ya loh.
Lee : I wonder what the world would be like in the future.

Oscar: The world would be round?
Lee : -_-"

*all characters have been impersonated poorly thus not suitable to be read by anyone.*

Yes friends talk is cheap but it sure can make your day... so as a friendly reminder to those who I have on my MSN messenger list to know that I might post materials concerning you and me anytime on this site. Hate me later when I you see in person k?

Alas times have changed and there are many unforseen concequences, today shall be my first day stepping into a different university. Sad will be the friends I've lost but maybe change will not turn out so bad.

For those who know me yes orientation today wasn't that great of a deal... rain was falling, people were lining, babies are crying and no familiar faces were to be found, the hell got alienated in my own town. As a matter of fact I am seeing history repeating itself. Upon reaching on campus they told me my letter of offer is still M.I.A. sure they'd throw any kind of excuse at the counter and by the end of it you'll just have to give face to those in charge and say things like "its ok but let me know how it turns out" but GOD DAMN IT I want to enrol.

... so the fellowship of my documents began ... one file that binds them, one officer to find them, one lousy orientation that I couldn't get through because of certain reasons I couldn't make sense of.

*SMSes with Ian*
>>> Fast Foward: 2 hours later>>>

Officer: Here you go young man.
Oscar : Oh thank you.
Officer: Now all you have to do is go down and pass these documents to the officers at the auditorium.
Oscar : Ok then thank you again. Have a good day.

Officer: Welcome to our University.

What? Have to be polite bah... its called tolerance.

After having a little chit chat with the lecturers and signed myself up for a new semester I met up with some old friends who I haven't seen over the pass year.After exchanging thouse "hey where have you been greetings" and a little bit of fill in the blanks we went our ways. Busy they were with their enrolments as well so you get the picture lah. Well there are some stories I would like to share during my years at Kuching High but maybe I'll fill in the blanks some other day, just maybe...

Seriously does high school have to take that long? Hit me back on this one...

Well thats it for now, got a job interview in almost and hour time... wish me luck~ And oh yeah a comment or two on the comment section would be much appreciated. Have a great day people!

Bloggie Wannabie...

Here it goes... yes this is my first *so compliment on the errors if found*. For those who are reading thisI'd advice you to close this web page now because it contains material poorly portraited therefore not suitable to be viewed by anyone, anyway I'll leave the LONG introduction crap for a different time cause I gotta make this short... exams tomorrow... heh.

Anyways heres a brief thing or two about me, I am Oscar and I am currently studying my foundations at Curtin University Sarawak. Bla bla bla...
Living at the hostels at Curtin University has given me a whole new prospect about life and all that and honestly I will always cherish it (moving out soon) but among the things I wouldn't like to cherish is definately the internet service provided. Too long and far have I endured slow internet speed not to say it crashes every now and then. But the WORST thing about it was the filter system the IT department provided. I find it absolutely ridiculus to having three quarters of the world wide web banned from you (well almost). Sure you say its to filter off the "extraordinary" materials and by that theres nothing wrong ; yes but you'll see what I mean :)

Here's an example:

oh a brief preview of my desktop...

*click* - abviously you'll expect a filter system intercepting the search.

aww... damn it!!

but one day when I was minding my own stuff reading kennysia.com this came up...

wtf... kenny sia and his balls got the boot from the filter system

Outraged I was for the last few remaining sites where I can get a good laugh has been blocked off. So I decided to test for myself if the filtering system was really working. After all kennysia.com was blocked off due to minor adult material like condoms and Kenny Sia's often brags about his coconut balls. So smart little me went off to google and did a little typing.

yes the one thing men like in common

Obviously my search ended up in vain when...


Refusing defeat I then tried on with a different term - yes as gayish it may seem I entered the love handle onto the search engine.

Obviously I got the same dans guardian mojo again, then it finally struct me. What I've been learning over the year has to be put up to test, knowledge must be applied from the great institution of learning. So I thought back to both my critical thinking and research writing skills which pointed me in one direction - yes the great guru of knowledge once told me. Young padawan seek for multiple sources if thou wishes to pass your writing assignments and your final exam. Being shocked off my balls I obviously followed what the mahaguru had thought me... and this is what I came up with.

what? I'd come up with something fancier but this is all I've learned over the year...

HOLY COW this came out... nothing could have prepared my eyes for what I was about to see.

the horror that kept my eyes bleeding for the rest of the night

Okay first thing that blew my mind was that the Curtin filter system teaches us not to search for a single "objects" but multiple sources. Either way the filter system was a bull... blocking non offensive material while letting in plural verbs of offensive material... cutting edge filter system my ass. Rebel rebel rebel...

Alas after all the trouble it just hit me that why bother by passing the filtering system when you can get all the "entertainment" you need from your peers. Yes screw the filter system when you can just get what you want with a click or two on the local shared folders on the hostle network.

nabeh no need so trouble network lah~

And those were me glorious days at Curtin Sarawak... alas great times come and go but one thing we all got to do - look ever foward ( John Curtin). Amen Brudda~